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HiTech Hotel Manager
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HiTech Hotel Manger is a highly automated system for Hotel / Restaurant Billing, Visitor's Record and Accounting with detailed reports generated about the visitors and rooms you have. With its powerful features it is ready to meet requirements of all types of Hotels and restaurants. HiTech Hotel Manager will streamline your business accounting in such a way that through improved management you will see the profitability of your business grow.
Hotel Management Software, Hotel Software, Accounting Software for Hotels, Billing and Accounting Software for management of Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Guest Houses. Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities. Free Trial Download.

HiTech Hotel Manager Program has got powerful features to take care of all requirements of a large / medium hotel & restaurant and serves as a complete Management Information system (MIS). It can open any number of companies in one single package. The design of HiTech Hotel Manager is modular. The data from various modules flows in Accounts module and all your final reports are produced at a touch of a button. HiTech Hotel Manager has following modules for complete business information management :

Hotel Management Software, Hotel Software, Accounting Software for Hotels, Billing and Accounting Software for management of Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Guest Houses. Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities. Free Trial Download.

This modular program keeps detailed information about the various tariff, category of your hotel rooms, the visitors, the restaurant attached to the hotel, your employees and accounts . Apart from the preparing and printing the room bill / receipts and restaurant bills HiTech Hotel Manager keeps your accounts upto date without any effort. Numerous reports are available for viewing and printing where you can keep an eye on the vital indicators about your business. The various reports include Entry Register, Collection Register, Current Visitors, Room wise Occupancy Report and various report about your accounts including Ledger, CashBook, BankBook, Journal, Working and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Auditing of accounts is very easy. From Ledger, Cash Book, Trial Balance you can view right upto the voucher or bill which has made the entry in the ledger by pressing a single key. If your organization is large and need to computerize employee records then you can opt for HiTech Hotel Manager including complete Employees (Payroll) module wherein you can keep the record of employees' salary, attendance, overtime, pay slip, ESI and EPF etc. and print Employees' Pay Slips. Employee module is fully automated and all the calculations are made automatically. Vouchers for monthly salary payments, Loans and Advances, ESI, EPF, TDS etc. are prepared automatically and their posting in the ledger is fully automated. The attendance and over time can also be maintained in a time card format.

Being Window based HiTech Hotel Manager is in tune with the latest computer software technology and will be a long time companion to your profitable business. This application program is designed for use on Windows 10/8/7, Vista, XP. This program has much improved functionality and power under Windows (TM). It is equipped with context sensitive on line help to make the whole operation easy for a new user. The user just presses F1 key and the related help topic window pops up.

The program uses Microsoft Access databases powered by Microsoft Jet Database Engine for fast and efficient storage and retrieval of Data. These databases are at your fingertips through data control where you can view and modify the data very easily. Automatic data testing and backing up is performed to safeguard against accidental loss of data. Multitasking (Carrying out two tasks at a time i.e. printing reports or invoices is simultaneously possible while viewing other reports or making new invoices. The program uses spreadsheets to display all your data on the screen at the same time for easy readability. It is so easy to read large reports and also to modify them. All the Grids (spreadsheets) have facility of removing the columns, which you do not want to print in the report. Also locating an item in the grids is very easy with instant search feature, which is incorporated in all the grids.

Hotel Management Software, Hotel Software, Accounting Software for Hotels, Billing and Accounting Software for management of Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Guest Houses. Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities. Free Trial Download.

The program includes built in tools like Information Export Panel that allows you to export all reports from to program to Printer with print preview, email, MS Excel, MS Word, CSV Text and also upload to web using FTP. All reports can be displayed in grid as well as in list view (sort-able) format. Another tool included with the program is Communication Control that is linked to party (customer, supplier, employee etc.) records. You can write a communication using word, excel or notepad or send an email to a party. The communication is linked with the party record and can be re-accessed again. Also telephone numbers can be dialed by click of a button using the computer modem.

The a program has an OCX user interface that make data entry effortless and editing of all records is possible with ledger and inventory being updated automatically. A number of reports are displayed with graphs. All reports can be exported in various format as described above.

The program is VAT Enabled and follows VAT (Value Added Tax) system of taxation. Billing / making vouchers is fast and efficient and posting is fully automated. All the reports can be prepared and printed effortlessly in various fonts. Apart from the normal high quality window printing fast printing is also made available using fast printing fonts. This printing is as fast as draft mode printing as under DOS. All the reports can be customized so that you are able to print and see only the columns you require in a report.

Telephone, Laundry Charges, Other Charges can be included in the bill. The K.O.T. of the room are automatically billed in the room bill along with the telephone and other charges. The K.O.T billing report keeps track of all the K. O. T. and shows whether all the K.O.T. have been billed or not. K. O. T. , Restaurant Bills and Telephone, Laundry , Other Charges details can also be printed along with the room bill for giving to the customer. It is optional to print the restaurant charges in the room bill depending upon the need of the customer.

Complete flexibility is provided for auditing of the accounts. There are no shackles put forth in the editing of all or deleting of any transactions. Even the whole ledger can be reconstructed after correcting and deleting any errors made in the transactions / bills / vouchers. Three level User Access is controlled by passwords and sensitive tasks can be performed only at the chief level giving the whole system added security.

HiTech Hotel Manager is equipped with multiple document interface ( MDI ). Using this feature you can simultaneously view any number of reports at a time. HiTech Hotel Manager is 100 % Compatible with mouses which makes the operation much faster, easier and efficient. All the commands can also be given through keyboard. The program is presented in pleasing and meaningful colors to make working like fun. The utilities for automatic backing up of your data on floppies regardless of the size of the files being copied, Calculator, Calendar and Clock are provided with the program.

HiTech Business Accounting Software are Barcode Enabled.

Customized Accounting Software and Website Development, Accounting software and Business Management software for Traders, Industry, Hotels, Hospitals, Supermarkets, petrol pumps, Newspapers Magazine Publishers, Automobile Dealers, Commodity Brokers etc.
A powerful bar code solution, beginning with the implementation of the HiTech Bar Code module, streamlines your entire business process. You can collect data by scanning barcode more quickly than ever before, and warehouse and shipping/ receiving staff can record bar coded items with a scanner connected to a computer.

An array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way for not only inventory counts, but also quantities, item numbers and lot or serial numbers of goods shipped and goods received.

Instead of time-consuming manual data entry, the data can be easily scanned into the computer to appropriate data field in your HiTech Accounting and Inventory Control System. Inventory errors are very costly to your business. Bar code's advanced features can virtually eliminate data entry errors. Bar Code can automate procedures for dozens of employees, and many businesses discover that implementation of a bar coding solution pays for itself with the very first use.

HiTech Hotel Manager is a software product using latest software technology which is Year 2000 ready for the total computerization of HOTELS and has networking capability to handle requirements of large organizations. It can also be hooked onto an Internet site.

Hotel Management Software, Hotel Software, Accounting Software for Hotels, Billing and Accounting Software for management of Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Guest Houses. Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities. Free Trial Download.

Place your choice today in HiTech Hotel Manager and make your Business Accounting easy to handle. It will be a reliable companion of your successful business with years of bother free operation. HiTech Financial Accounting software is successfully tried and running at many establishment like Dealers, Distributors, Stockiest of goods, medicines, hotels, hospitals. This software has also been successfully customized for organization like hotels, hospitals etc. and has flexibility to be adapted to any business accounting needs. Whatever be your needs for Computerization of your Business, we at HiTech have a solution for you. The program like this one can also be hooked onto an Internet site depending upon your customization requirements .

This program is also available for a absolutely free Trial Installation whereby you will be free to use this software for your business for a period upto 30 days without any charges. If you are satisfied with the performance of this software you can place your order.

This program is available in two versions: Full & Compact

Both version fully live up to your expectations of cost effective, professional and reliable business computing for your enterprise.
Full Version with barcode module

HiTech Hotel Manager

Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts, Bar coding, User/Menu Administration & Utilities
Low Priced Compact Version Without Bar coding, Employee/ Payroll, User Menu Administration Module. Check Full details at the given link.

HiTech Hotel Manager (Compact)

Modules : Rooms, Visitors, Restaurant, Payroll, Accounts & Utilities
* Please see program website at HiTech Hotel Manager to get full details of what is excluded in the compact version. Customized business solution for intranet or internet are available.
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HiTech Hotel Manager

HiTech Hotel Manager has following inter linked modules :

Hotel Rooms Module

  • Room Record
    • Adding New Room
    • Editing Room Information
    • Deleting Room Record
    • Finding Room Information
  • List of Rooms
  • Roomwise Occupancy Report
  • Visitor's Module

    • Visitor's Entry Record / Check In
    • Room Entry Register
    • List of Currently Residing Visitors
    • Visitor's Telephone Charges Record
    • Visitor's Departure Record / Check
    • Edit / Delete Visitors Entry Record
    • Cash Collection Register
    • Manager Wise Cash Collection
    • Details of Pending Bills
    • Check In / Check Out During Selected Time
    • Visit History of a Visitor
    • List of All Visitors

    Restaurant Module

    • Food / Beverages Item Record
    • Food / Beverages Item Price List
    • Restaurant Menu Card
    • Creating Kitchen Order Tickets (K.O.T)
    • K. O. T. Register
    • Edit / Delete K. O. T.
    • K. O. T. Billing Report
    • Creating Restaurant Bill
    • Editing / Deleting Restaurant Bill

    Employees Module

    • Employee Record
    • Employee List
    • Attendance Register : Day wise / Time wise
    • Overtime Register : Day wise / Time wise
    • Employee Leave Summary
    • Loans and Advances
    • Monthly Salary Statement
    • Employee pay slip
    • Posting of Salary Voucher
    • ESI Reports
    • EPF Reports
    • Month wise ESI / EPF payments
    Account Module
    • Account Head Setup
      • Adding New Account Head
      • Finding Account Head Information
      • Editing a Account Head opening balance / details 
      • Deleting a Account Head
      • Default Account Heads
      • Setting Up Opening Balances
      • Control Accounts : Setting
      • Listing Categories of Account Heads
    • Chart of Accounts
    • Setup : Profit & Loss And Trading Account
    • Setup : Balance Sheet
    • Transaction Vouchers
      • Different Types of Vouchers
      • Narration Setup 
      • Voucher Entry
      • Receiving Payments against Credit Sales
      • Making Payments Against Credit Purchase
      • Editing / printing / deleting vouchers
    • Journal : Listing Of Vouchers
    • Bill wise Sales / Purchase Vouchers
    • Cash Book
    • Multicolumn Cash/Bank Book
    • Bank Book
    • Bank Interest Calculation
    • Day Account Balances
    • Current Balances
    • Account Receivable and Payables
    • Ledger
      • Getting The Ledger of any Account
    • Trial balance
      • How To Prepare Trial balance
      • Possible Reasons For Incorrect Trial balance
    • Control Account wise Trial Balance
    • Analysis of Accounts 
      • Month wise Business Indicator
      • Month wise Account Balances 
      • Periodic Account Movements
      • Transactions in Accounts 
      • Account Heads Comparison
      • Cash Flow - Movement of Cash
      • Fund Flow - Assets Vs. Liability
    • Account Tools 
      • Re-indexing Voucher Numbers
      • Merging Of Account Heads
      • Locate Transaction in Ledger
      • Updation of Ledger 
      • Do Reposting of Ledger
    • Fixed Assets 
      • Fixed Asset Chart (Half Yearly)
      • Fixed Asset Chart (Yearly)
    • Final Accounts
      • VAT Return
      • Profit & Loss And Trading Account
        • Month wise Profit & Loss And Trading Account
        • Final Profit & Loss And Trading Account
      • Balance Sheet
        • Month wise Balance Sheet
        • Final Balance Sheet
    • Consolidated Accounts of Company
      • consolidated Ledger Accounts
      • Consolidated Closing Balances
    • Create Next Financial Year without Closing Accounts
    • Closing the Financial Year

    Utilities Module

    • Set Up/Edit Company 
    • System of Storage of Data
    • General Configuration
    • Close Current and Open Another Company
    • Log on as a Different User
    • System Administrations
    • Perform Data Test
    • Back up Restore Data
    • Export Active Report To Excel
    • Enable / disable program tips
    • Show Background Image
    • Set Program Colours
    • Change toolbar icons
    • Cascading Windows
    • Tile all Open Windows
    • HiTech on the web 
    • General Utilities 
      • Program Database Updation
      • Graphic Clock
      • 100 Year Calendar
      • HiTech Calculator
      • Printer Setup
      • Set System date
      • Play Wave Sound
    • HiTech On Line Help
    • Exit Routines

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